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I’m Katharine!

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If It Scares You, It’s Probably Something Worth Doing


To me, how The Roaming Buffalo came to be was just a simple momentary thought that popped in my head - I was packing my boxes for my second cross country move and I thought to myself “Here she goes again - this crazy girl from Buffalo, NY on the move again… just a roaming buffalo.” But the reality is- there was so much more that led me to that one moment.

Growing up, I was fortunate to be exposed to travel at a young age. I visited the Grand Canyon and saw the desert scapes of Arizona, paid a visit to the infamous Hollywood sign and I even went to Alaska and saw icebergs, moose and witnessed a summer night that never ended. From these experiences alone, I always told myself “I’m going to get out of (what I considered) this small town.” I wanted to go out and see it all.

Like most people, my first opportunity to leave was college and, though not a huge leap, I ended up in Pittsburgh. Four years went by and my appetite to “see it all” still wasn’t satisfied. I needed more. So after graduation I moved to San Diego with my sister for three years and really had a memorable time there. But then a job opportunity in Boston popped up and this is where things get interesting.

I took the job and my stint in Boston only lasted for about a year. It just didn’t pan out the way I expected, and honestly at this point I felt burned out. Tired and unsure of what was to come next, I (begrudgingly) decided to move back to Buffalo - the place I had always vowed to leave in the rearview mirror. But what ended happening was something that I never anticipated.

I fell in love with my hometown.

Like, head over heels, this place can do no wrong kind of love. All the traveling and living in different places helped me see the city I was so eager to write off with a fresh pair of eyes. I felt reenergized in a way I didn’t know was possible! For the first time in what had been 8 years away from home, I could actually feel myself planting roots.

However, just because I’m back in Buffalo doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my love for travel. I made the conscious decision to become a remote digital marketer and social media coach to support my continued desire to roam and “see it all.” The difference? I have a solid home base to come back to that allows me to recharge so I’m ready for the next adventure.

It’s hard to categorize The Roaming Buffalo into one thing - personal blog, business, memory box. Because the reality is, that’s life. We’re not just one thing but dynamic creatures and in an effort to not overcomplicate things I decided to put it all in one place. So if you’re still here and what I have to say resonates with you, welcome fellow roamer! Glad to have you on this journey.


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So much so, that I have a succulent tattoo on my forearm


Pressed pennies! My family has been doing it for years but it’s my favorite (and most inexpensive!) souvenir


Which I find weird because growing up we only had four channels - I was a strictly PBS kid


Is probably one of the top things on my bucket list!