My passion for digital marketing has its roots in creativity and is nourished by my desire to help other individuals to effectively communicate their message. I believe that everyone has a purpose and deserves to share it, but understand that sometimes the “how” can be a bit overwhelming and elusive for some.

My approach is to be your teammate - someone that has your best interest in mind and will help you build a marketing game plan that works best for your business. However, I’m also not afraid to challenge you by asking “Who are you?” enough times to the point where you can confidently answer it.



Much of my professional experience was gained working in social media marketing in public relations & communication agencies. My ability to excel was due to the fact that one of my strengths is socializing. I learned the ins and outs of social strategy but for me I always found it important to not forget the most integral part behind it all - people. Without them, it ceases to have a purpose. So while the strategy can help you excel, I always prioritized the practice and development of interpersonal skills.

Over time I have developed a comprehensive approach to social media that allows me to grow an authentic and engaged community. I’ve worked one on one with individuals to teach them how to do it for their business, but also found value in working in groups which is why I host a monthly in-person workshop in Buffalo, NY. The 4 hour workshop is set up so I can teach my foundational practices for Instagram. It may be a good place for you to start, but if you’re unable to attend or feel you work better one on one, I’m happy to work with you or your team on an individual basis.

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I believe the key to developing a good business foundation is to not only know who you are and your intentions, but know what individuals you’re trying to attract so that you can develop a business plan that’s tailored for them. By working from a place that always tries to keep your audience in mind, it helps you effectively deliver something that has a positive and beneficial impact on them.

My brand strategy process was created to be an streamlined approach to produce guides and reference points for your business. Whether they remain stedfast and true or evolve over time really depends on the individual business, but I’ve found that having these items can serve your business for a lifetime.

Process Includes:

  • Brand Identity & Target Audience Questionnaire

  • Creation of Brand Mood Board

  • Marketing Game Plan Development



This website you’re currently experiencing, I designed it myself using Squarespace! If you’re looking to update your business presence, I’m happy to help. However, please note that this can be a very labor intensive process so currently I only accept one website project at a time in order to focus my energy on my other expertise.